I / WE / THEY – Art and Architecture Collaboration Programme 18~28, August, 2016


Space Media Festival 為一跨多領域綜合數位與製造技術之建築與藝術工作營,本次透過對於探索三個不同尺度的空間 I/WE/THEY (自我身體/生活空間/全球環境) 與相對應之文化議題來發展一系列的互動式空間裝置。本次活動之基地為台北的蟾蜍山,透過由五位來自數位設計專業背景的頂尖建築師與五位藝術家進行合作發展 出綜合數位設計、數位製造、新媒材運用、互動媒體及表演藝術的課程內容,其目的在於鼓勵不同領域人才合作並以新科技技術運用作為研究及設計發展的創新手 段,透過結合國際資源整合及跨領域、年齡的課程規劃來啟發學生對於學習及自我興趣發展和跨界合作創新的視野! 適合各領域的學生及專業人士參加!

活動日期:18~28, August, 2016

The special theme in this pilot trans-context, trans-cultural and trans-disciplinary collaborative programme of 2016 is ‘I / WE / THEY’. This theme is at the core of both the Space Media Festival taking place in Taipei in 18-28 August 2016 and the Modern Body Festival in The Hague in October/November 2016. At the same time, the collaborative and explorative process led by teams of artist-architect will also span across both contexts. The concept of ‘I / WE / THEY’ is thus being subjected to diverse forms of engagement between the body, the space and the medium, as well as being embedded in specific cultural, social, technical and spatiotemporal conditions. We are exploring the effects of architecture, technology and digital communication, as they are fundamentally transforming the way we exist as a society, culture, species. Our focus is on the social body – identity, space, and community: how we interface with I/WE/THEY. Where do the limits of the self extend and where do the social bodies of group and community begin? How do we understand and position ourselves as individuals, while still feeling a sense of belonging and connection to an expanding global community? How do we exist, identify, and interact? Furthermore, we want to explore the role of architecture and technology as central social interfaces between the I and the world, the I and the group, the I and the self. How do they impact our behavior, confront our habits, alter our experience?

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本實驗室推動數位製造及自造教育研究,設備經費由實驗室主持人獨立爭取執行「教育部自造者師資培育計畫專案提供研究購買」,本實驗室同時創建數位構築教育及師資培育計畫,並跨國與英國倫敦 AA, UCL, University of Westminster 等國際建築名校合作,以數位自造實驗室為根基,希望透過建築設計教育的再造計畫以全新的模式、符合數位世代的方法,重新進行建築設計課程的創建與規劃,期許透過數位設備如 3D列印、CNC、雷射切割與自動化等數位化機具輔助學生設計製作,更希望透過新的機具與教學方式,達成建築設計教育再造計畫的最根本目的創造新時代的價值。

Principal Investigator

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施宣光 教授

Professor and Chairman of the department.
Shen-Guan Shih
Research Room:RB-803

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吳細顏 助理教授

Assistant Professor
Shi-Yen Wu
Research Room:RB-912A

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